Capitola by the Sea

The quaint seaside village of Capitola is one of the oldest vacation retreats on the Pacific Coast of California. Located 80 miles south of San Francisco, this small village offers unique shops, galleries, restaurants, and lodging. It’s one of a few towns along the coast between San Francisco and Monterey with seaside restaurants.

With a sandy beach and plenty of benches along a walkway, visitors can sit and enjoy views of the sea and watch brave souls wading and swimming in the frigid ocean. In Northern California, without a wetsuit, the water temperature is too cold for most of us to swim. It’s such a tease to be at the beach and not be able to take a dip in the ocean.

Venetian Hotel

My favorite view in Capitola is of the Mediterranean style Venetian Hotel perched on the water’s edge. A reflection of the colorful stack of hotel condos can be seen in the stillness of the Monterey Bay. The vibrant colors of the condos form an interesting contrast to the same but now subtle colors reflected by the sea.

Seaside restaurants overlooking the bay create an interesting speckled reflection in the calm water.

Seaside Restaurants

Capitola is a fun place I like to visit with my out-of-town guests on a weekday. While I’m not a fan of the crowds on weekends, there is ample parking available and plenty of activities to accommodate everyone. Even when busy, Capitola is worth a visit. For more information about Capitola click here: Capitola Village Website

Photo Challenge Theme: Mirror. This weeks challenge was all about reflections.