The Doors of Rural Connecticut

One of our favorite past times when visiting my family in Connecticut is to cruise the back roads and explore the charming rural towns we encounter along the way. While I love seeing the New England style architecture and doors, I must admit, the primary reason for our adventures is to find new restaurants, as well as, revisit our favorite places to eat. Year after year we go back to LaSalle’s Market and Deli in Collinsville for their dynamite sandwiches and to the Wood Creek Bar and Grill in  Norfolk for the best French Dip sandwich I’ve had in many years.

Please enjoy a few photos of New England style architecture and doors found in rural Connecticut.

The Hitchcock Chair Company in Riverton, CT


Next door to the General Store in Riverton, CT


LaSalle’s Market and Deli in Collinsville, CT


Congregational Church in Collinsville, CT


Crown & Hammer Pub in Collinsville, CT
Wood Creek Bar and Grill restaurant and Artisans Guild in Norfolk, CT


Battell Chapel in Norfolk, CT


Noah’s restaurant in Stonington, CT


This post was inspired by Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature sponsored by Norm Frampton allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite doors from around the world.


23 Comments Add yours

  1. jazzytower says:

    All beautiful, but I really love that last one:)

  2. Love it. Doors express so much about a place. So glad you shared so we could see through your eyes.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the doors.

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