Autumn Foliage at Countryside Park

Every year when I visit my family in Connecticut, whether it be Spring, Summer, or Fall (forget Winter), one of our favorite places to stop when cruising the country roads of Connecticut is Countryside Park in Avon.  In the Spring and Summer, we picnic in the park and my father fishes in the small ponds. Fishing is one of his greatest pleasures.

This past Fall, we stopped at the park to enjoy the colorful foliage. The pond, dense with fallen leaves, was surrounded by trees decorated with golden and red toned leaves. We didn’t stay long at the park. The chilly and overcast weather chased us away sooner than we would have liked. Despite the gloomy day, the park brought us much pleasure viewing the changing colors of the Fall season.

Countryside Park Covered Bridge

Countryside Park Pond 3

Countryside Park Pond 2

Countryside Park Pond 1

Countryside Park Pond 4

Photo Challenge Theme: Dense.