Barn Doors – Tulmeadow Farm

A favorite place of mine to go for gourmet, farm-fresh ice cream is Tulmeadow Farm tucked away along the back roads of West Simsbury, Connecticut. Without GPS or one of my family members to guide me, I’d be hard-pressed to find the place. Along with yummy ice cream, the farm has a nice variety of classic New England barns and barn doors.

Inspiration:  Thursday Doors.

4 thoughts on “Barn Doors – Tulmeadow Farm

    1. Thanks, Norm. I never tire of seeing red barns when I’m back in CT. There aren’t as many here in the Bay Area of CA. On quick glance the barns seem the same, but on a closer look each one has its own charm.
      Sorry for the late reply. Your message ended up in my Spam folder. I’m glad you mentioned this issue on your blog. I would have never thought to look for Spam prior to you alerting us to this issue.

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