It’s All About Connection

A utilitarian bridge with a mottled gray patina provides a connection between offices and artist workshops that once housed the Ensign-Bickford Company fuse factory in Avon, Connecticut. On its own, the bridge appears rather neglected and unattractive. It’s the connection of the elements – the old stone building, the reflections in the pond, the lush green landscape, and the waterfall that come together to make this well-worn bridge look beautiful to me.

Avon Bridge 2_edited


Avon Bridge 1_edited


Avon Bridge 3_edited

This post was inspired by the WordPress Photo Challenge: Bridge.

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  1. I agree. I like it, too. It amuses me a bit that the tree appears to be growing out of the bridge from those first two angles.


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    1. Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the tree appearing to grow out of the bridge. When I took a closer look, I totally see what you mean.


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