15 thoughts on “Classic New England

  1. This place is so Americana! I love it. I have a blogging/photog friend who has photographed this place in all seasons. I’ve loved every season and image including this one! I love that shade of red. I think it’s unique to America, but I could be wrong. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It sure screams Americana to me as well. Very cool that you have a friend that’s photographed this place. It’s a place I visit every time I’m in Connecticut. What is the name of your friend’s blog. I’d love to check it out!

      1. She’s dropped almost all her social media sites and is only occasionally active on Instagram these days. She’s pjw309 on instagram, but there’s not much there. I wish you could see her images of this place. She had several on flickr for years, but deleted her account there and just about all social media. Me too actually aside from my blog and two other sites I’m off social media.

      2. I wish I could see them too. It’s a lovely place to photograph. Social media gets to be a burden. I haven’t linked my blog to FB or Instagram. It would be too time consuming.

      3. Isn’t it just! I dropped FB b/c of their privacy or lack of issues. Instagram is border line for me. I post the most on flickr, and WP blog.
        I’m not a fan of all things Internet. There’s much to be improved before I am.

      4. Thanks for the link! Her pet photos are great. I’m originally from CT but live in the San Francisco Bay Area now. I’ll let my friends and family in the CT area know about her.

      5. I didn’t realize you were in the Bay Area! We’re practically neighbors! I’m in the South Bay. If you ever want a companion to go on a photowalk let me know. I am pretty adventurous, and open to venues, and as a woman prefer company rather than not these days. Just sayin! 🙂

  2. I love these old mill buildings. The Art Director we use for publications has his offices in this building. He usually comes to visit us, but I’ve offered to meet him there if he’s ever running short on time.

    1. Me too. The Collins Factory building is one of my favorites. I love that the complex is filled with lots of small businesses and that it also has a nice antique shop. I hope the Art Director gets very busy so you can meet him there and perhaps grab lunch at one of my favorite eateries, La Salle Market & Deli.
      Cheers, Donna

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