California Winter Wonderland

A series of rainstorms have rolled into the San Francisco Bay Area this week. After a fairly dry and sunny month of February and early March, we are cheering the rain on! The hills and fields are bursting with the growth of new grasses in glorious shades of green – our version of a winter wonderland.

Winter's Day in California
A carpet of yellow flowers covers the field of freshly sprouted grass during the rainy season.
Winter's Day CA 2
Dark clouds hover over the foothills bringing much-needed rain to the area.

13 thoughts on “California Winter Wonderland

      1. Great company to let you work from home on snow storm days. When I lived in CT, I worked at Mt. Sinai (gone now) and Hartford Hospitals. No snow days for the weary healthcare worker. I even drove to work in blizzard Larry when the highways were shut down. I lost at least 5 pounds from shaking in my boots and needed a crowbar to pry my hands off the steering wheel. Those were the days when I was young and foolish!!!

      2. One of the good reasons to let people work from home is to let the roads be clear for the people that have to work, like healthcare workers. I give them a giant amount of credit.

      1. Back in the early 1990s, I worked briefly at Capitol Wholesale Nursery, when they were still on Keaton Loom, just south of Aborn Road off of San Felipe Road.

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