No cell phone?

Unlikely! But in case you need an alternative, you can still find a few phone boxes around Athens, Greece.

Inspiration: Unlikely.


6 thoughts on “No cell phone?

  1. Too cool! There is an old telephone booth at work. The young people sometimes ask about it, and how it works. (It is still operational because cellular signal is unreliable in that location.) We will be removing some trees nearby (because they are crowding adjacent roofs and utilities), and I really want to clean the telephone booth and restore it as a historical building. In our shops buildings, there are old rotary telephones that really baffle the kids.

    1. Ha! Love that you have an old telephone booth at work. Our modern-day electronics are great until you can’t get a signal! Funny how the youngsters are perplexed by the rotary phones. We still keep one in storage just in case we ever need it.
      I loved finding that phone box in Athens with plants on top. It looks more like a decoration than a frequently used phone. 🙂

      1. Actually, although I am not a fan of ornamental frou frou, I kept my old rotary telephone on my old desk, and next to the desk was my old typewriter, which is also quite mysterious to the young.

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