Melancholy Blues

These rundown doors have a serious case of the melancholy blues. Tagged with graffiti and covered with flyers, I doubt anyone lives or works there anymore. But, despite the grim appearance, life still goes on around this forgotten place which has now become the stage for a street musician in Athens.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

22 thoughts on “Melancholy Blues

    1. Hi Jesh, This is in the Plaka/Monastiraki area of Athens where there are plenty of tourists walking about. While I don’t know this man’s circumstances, he likely has another place to live and plays his guitar for extra income.

    1. Thanks! Greece is filled with blue doors but each one has its own special character. I also wouldn’t be able to muster the gumption to play music on the street. Thankfully, there are talented folks that feel comfortable sharing their music with us.

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