Are you carrying too much baggage?

For many years I frequently traveled for business. It was a challenge with my travel schedule to get into a regular exercise routine, so I brought gym shoes with me on business trips. I intended to spend an hour in the evenings on the hotel treadmill. Trip after trip, I’d pack my gym gear, yet never seemed to have time to go to the gym. I’m not an early bird, so mornings were out. Days were filled with business appointments and evenings with dinners with clients or colleagues.

Each time I packed my bag to go home; my gym shoes stared back at me. I felt guilty for not going to the gym. My gym shoes had elite air mile status but no miles on the treadmill. They had been to many states, yet they’d never seen the light of day.

One day I had enough of the guilt. My well-traveled gym shoes were not only taking up space in my suitcase; they were taking up emotional space. Their presence in my suitcase made me feel bad for not going to the gym. So I decided to leave them at home. I felt liberated. My suitcase was lighter. I never looked back.

What’s in your travel bag that’s weighing you down?

Featured image: (Erwan Hesry)

19 thoughts on “Are you carrying too much baggage?

  1. Oh, yes, it’s important to have a good look to see what you can leave behind. (Say I who pack everything I own for every trip. I like my choices.) In this specific case, I bet you burnt as many calories every day travelling as you would on a treadmill. Anything more would be an overkill. Body always knows.

    1. I’m a lean packer but still take more than I need. Like you, I need choices. So true about burning calories during travel. Just walking through airports is good exercise. 🙂

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