Koukos Taverna in Pylos

Just down the street from our one-night accommodation at the Karalis City Hotel in Pylos, Peloponnese we came across a colorful, old-fashioned Taverna called Koukos (Cuckoo). While we didn’t have a chance to dine at Koukos, we enjoyed viewing the owner’s creative use of Venetian colors on the building’s facade, and authentic, as well as, faux architectural details. The green door immediately caught my attention. It wasn’t until later, looking at the photo, that I noticed the red door by its side.



The Taverna’s signage displays a Koukos or Cuckoo, a medium-sized long-tailed bird, typically with a gray or brown back and pale underparts. Cuckoos are known to lay their eggs in the nests of small songbirds. A humorous addition to the decor is an unexpected faux Cuckoo clock hung on a utility box on the side of the building.

The dining area at the front of the Taverna overlooks the Bay of Navarino. Next time we find ourselves in Pylos, we will be sure to give Koukos a try.



About Pylos:

Pylos is a small seaside town located on the bay of Navarino in the Messinia region of southwestern Peloponnese.


Inspiration: Thursday Doors.