Happy Halloween

A walk down memory lane – photos of Halloween decor at the Pond House Café in West Hartford, Connecticut taken in October of 2016.

Pond House Halloween LR

Beware of Skeleton Dog. He bites!

If you need cheap landscaping, these are your guys.

Bare Bones Landscaping CoL2

The disguised character peeking out of this colorful backdoor sure looks like Bill Maher, the American comedian, political commentator, and television host.

Pond House Halloween Door LR

Inspired by Halloween and Thursday Doors.

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

    1. Thanks, Norm. Agree. The designers and installers must have had loads of fun decorating this property. This is just small sample of the Halloween props the Pond House puts out. Always makes me smile to go there.

    1. Same here about Halloween. The Pond House is my favorite place for Halloween spirit. They have a tremendous sense of humor. These few photos are just a small sample of the fun stuff the Pond House puts out for Halloween.

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