Chicken Coop Doors

Hello from Connecticut, where I’m enjoying a rather cold day out and about with my parents before a winter storm arrives later today. We stopped by Sub-Edge Farm in Farmington to check out the shop and farm animals. The shop is open-air on the back side which meant the owner was bundled up with a hat, gloves, and heavy coat while patiently waiting for me to poke around and admire the seasonal root vegetables.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors. I took a photo of this white chicken slipping out a skinny door on the side of the farm’s chicken coop.

Next to the chicken coop was a small white shed with a red door.

Red and white doors decorate the front of the shop. I love the use of the bicycle as a prop for the Sub-Edge Farm shop sign. Check out my previous post, The Sound of Silence, to see better photos of their Highland cattle and to learn more about the farm.

16 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Doors

    1. Thanks, Dan. Lucky me. 😄 We already have five inches of snow in Avon. It will be nice to wake up to a white landscape tomorrow morning. Hope the roads aren’t too bad if you need to commute tomorrow.

      1. Thanks. I was coming home from New York (train) in the storm. Lots of problems but at least I wasn’t driving. I was able to work from home today.

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