Autumn Snow

I’m back East for the Thanksgiving Holiday. After many years of avoiding snow, for my bad luck, an early snowstorm blanketed the Hartford area of Connecticut last night with about six inches of wet, heavy snow. It wasn’t in my plans to spend time shoveling snow, but that’s how I got my exercise today. Despite the backbreaking weight of the white stuff, I rather enjoyed being out in the fresh cold air.

After clearing the sidewalk and upper driveway, I took my parents to lunch at the Butchers and Bakers restaurant in Farmington. It’s a hip place with simply delicious food. We had a view to the dining patio where purple and yellow flowers, still in vibrant bloom, were surrounded by tables covered with snow. The beauty of the flowers against the backdrop of the pristine snow more than made up for the inconvenience of shoveling it. I just hope I won’t be doing anymore shoveling anytime soon.


13 thoughts on “Autumn Snow

  1. A nice shot that sums up autumn for us in southern Ontario also. We had about five inches of wet, heavy snow overnight Thursday after getting seven inches of light, fluffy snow overnight Tuesday.

      1. When I went to Oklahoma at the end of 2012, I was hoping to see what ‘real’ winter weather was like for everyone else. Sadly, it did not happen until just after we left. It got colder than I had ever experienced, but it was not as cold as it got later in winter. Incidentally, the following spring, the home we lived in was knocked about by a small tornado the day before the Moore tornado.

    1. I hope we will be shovel-free until I leave CT. Small world…many moons ago, I used to work at Stauffer Chemical Co in their Environmental Health Center next to the Exchange. I used to walk over to the Exchange to grab lunch. Stauffer closed years ago and I think UCONN uses the building now. We just discovered Butchers and Bakers in October when my father was in the hospital at UCONN Health Center. When my husband joins me in CT this week, I will take him there for lunch.

      1. I still go back to the Exchange for a cheese-steak sandwich at Hans & Fritz at leas once a year. Looks like we might get a little more snow tonight and tomorrow – sorry.

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