Roller Coaster Emotions

Hello, dear blogging world friends and much-appreciated followers. I haven’t forgotten about you. Lots going on at our house with a major remodel of our kitchen and master bathroom underway.

For those of you who have undertaken a major remodel, I’m sure you can relate to the roller coaster of emotions that come with living amid dust and disruption. I’m sad that I’ve fallen behind on my blog and following you. I’m happy to see the daily progress of transforming our outdated rooms. And, I’m tired from lack of sleep and making endless decisions. I’m also cranky at times, maybe more than “at times,” but didn’t have an orange face for that. Stay tuned; I promise to get back to regular blogging soon.



Note: The photo of the orange faces was taken at the Vathysfairo Bar in Monemvasia, Greece.



11 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Emotions

  1. Oh yes, I know how you’re feeling. We remodeled and added onto our house you may remember 4 years ago. I blogged a little about it. Are you living in the house while it’s being remodeled? We did and when it came time to work on our Master Bedroom we relocated all our stuff to the living room which became our Master bdrm for over a month.

    I hope there are no setbacks, and you pass every inspection! It’s so worth it when it’s done!

    1. It’s nice to have the support of those like you who have been through this process! We are living in the house. Fortunately, our guest bedroom, bathroom, and office are on the other side of the house with the LR/DR (now furniture storage) in the middle. We set up a small euro-style kitchen in our laundry room. Meals are cooked either in the toaster oven or Instant Pot. It’s amazing how you can get by with just a few appliances. Overall, despite the dust, disruption, and noise, we are doing OK. We passed rough electrical/plumbing inspections. Yay! Hope all is going well for you.

      1. Yeah!! For passing electrical and plumbing inspections!

        Sounds like you have a good set up there so, you’ll be able to live through the remodel without too much inconvenience.
        You’ve set up your make shift kitchen with my two favorite and most used kitchen appliances. The third is my electric kettle. 😀
        Those three and Dishwasher and I’m pretty well set up for life.

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