18 thoughts on “Serenity

    1. Thank you, Dan. I’m craving serenity right about now. Our remodeling project is nearing the finish line. Yay! Soon, we will have our spaces back, and some peace and quiet. I see you’ve been busy gearing up for retirement. I’m busier in retirement than I ever was working. Go figure. Cheers, Donna

      1. I keep reading retired people talking about how busy they are, Donna. I guess I’ll take whatever comes, as long as I enjoy what I’m doing.

    1. Hey Gordon, Thanks for stopping by and the info about the Bald Eagles! Did you know they catch fish at Sandy Wool Lake? A friend of mine got a nice shot of one of the eagles after it swooped in and caught a fish. I need to stop by the elementary school and take a look. Cheers!

      1. Thanks, Donna. Yes I knew the eagles fished there; I visited one day trying to catch them but they weren’t around and that was a wasted trip down there for me. Better head to Curtner soon; lot’s of birding activity with the juvenile learning new things (some really funny stuff) but she may fly away soon. The other juvenile died just after fledging; fish and game determined it got electrocuted by the high voltage lines. There’s a bunch of people that visit regularly; they belong to the fb Our Milpitas Eagle group and post pics everyday.

      2. Hi Gordon, Thanks for mentioning the Milpitas Eagles FB group. I watched a short video where the young eagle fell out of the nest and was stumbling around like a drunken sailor. Gorgeous bird. Hope he found his way back to the nest. So sad about the other juvenile getting electrocuted. The downside to nesting in busy Milpitas. One would think momma Eagle would nest near the lake. Take care.

      1. It was a tourist destination. Just like people go to see the foliar color in New England in Autumn, they used to come here to see the bloom in spring. It was spectacular when I was a kid, and there was not much left by then.

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