Thursday Doors – Connecticut

Last week, I left the smokey air in Northern California to visit my family in Connecticut. It’s an annual trek I make to see not only my family but also the Fall foliage. The fresh, cool air was a welcome change from spare the air days at home.

Fall Color Avon LR

The foliage this year was mainly yellow and orange, with dabs of red-leafed trees and bushes. I just missed peak colors by a week, though my mother constantly noted that the colors this year were lackluster. None-the-less, I enjoyed the seasonal color.

OK. Enough about the foliage, let’s talk doors. Wherever I go, I’m always on the lookout for interesting doors to share for Norm Frampton’s weekly feature, Thursday Doors.

I found the Halloween-inspired house and door in the featured image in Collinsville. The pic of the door with bloody hands was taken at the Pond House Cafe in West Hartford. Creepy.

Pond Place Halloween Door 2 LR

Here are a few doors from the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon. The pumpkin orange door to the JunkPot Studio is the perfect color for Halloween.

Avon Art Center Orange Door LR

Cool signage on this red door.

Avon Art Center Red Door LR

Who can resist taking photos of vibrant red doors on white New England churches? The first red door belongs to an Episcopal church in New Hartford and the second red door to a church in Collinsville. One of my sisters questions the use of red for a church door as she thinks it’s the color of the devil. However, the red doors of churches are not the sign of the devil, but rather, have traditionally signaled a place of sanctuary, refuge, and safety. Phew.

New Hartford Episcopal Church Door LR


Collinsville Church Door LR

Well, that’s all I’ve got for doors from this trip to Connecticut. I hope you enjoyed them. Have a Happy Halloween!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Connecticut

  1. Some great finds. Up here the colours were spectacular this year but it was very short-lived. We got some very windy days just around the peak days and poof, all those leaves were on the ground within 2 days.

    1. Thanks, JT. The smoke was noticeably less in the South Bay today but a haze still blanketed Silicon Valley. Though we live in the foothills of San Jose, we luckily did not lose power. Praying for calm winds and a heavy dose of rain!

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