16 thoughts on “Smoky Haze – Yosemite

  1. Yike! That smoky haze from the fires looks really bad. Can only imagine what all that is doing to the health of people and of the trees/animals.

      1. Agreed. Here’s the thing too, government funding to maintain the NP is being reduced by some ridiculous amount next year. I don’t see food trucks and reduced funding to be a very good combo. Ugh.

  2. Fires at Yosemite are horrible. It takes so long for trees to grow to a good height again. One time we escaped evacuation in the park because of a fire just starting there, but have never seen the after effects. This looks so sinister and sad.

    1. Hi Jesh, Indeed. The fires at Yosemite left a path of destruction that will take years before new growth hides the scars of the fires. I plan to get back to posting more substantially in the near future. I have lots of photos of Yosemite to share.

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