13 thoughts on “Stillness in the Mist

  1. The “mood” is so apparent in your capture! We moved this year to Texas (from California) in August to a suburb of Austin, and I have noticed we do a lot more driving than before! But not at 4 am though:):)

      1. Thats a hard question to answer, because I loved the forest. I miss the trees here, but here the distances to the store are not 1 1/2 hrs, but 10 min.! It is also a different culture. More relaxed, and very hospitable. I knew 2 of my neighbors in the first week!

      2. Good neighbors – it hasn’t happened in 10 years! This year had had deep valleys and high mountain tops, but the outcome was worth it!

      1. Jesh – remember, when i first came on to Thurs. Doors, we were talking about maybe meeting, because at that time we made trips to San Francisco. I am the one from Pioneer, California, and I moved in August to Tex? Anyway, Junie refers to my blog (more for me to keep track of things:)), so I go by Jesh.

      2. Hi Jesh, When I first saw the name Junie, I didn’t realize it was you. Then, I wondered if that was the name you now preferred. Thx for clearing that up for me. 🙂

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