13 thoughts on “Rusty Door – Abandoned Bay Side Canning Company

    1. Thanks, JT. The elements have created a nice effect for the rusty door. It’s barely hanging onto the rail when you see the door from the inside. There is a trail above the abandoned, roofless building where you can see the backside of the door. The property is fenced with plenty of keep out and beware of dog signs. And then, there is the handwritten keep out message next to the door for good measure. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Dan. The structure gets sadder every year that goes by. I’ll be bummed the day they take it down. It’s a bit of history still standing in the midst of Silicon Valley.

  1. Am laughing! perfect, off the hinges😍 Oh, and I am discovering California is sooo beautiful compared to this state. the grass is staying green much longer, am missing the almost daily blue sky, and the temps are not like a rollercoaster, like here in Texas!😎 Jesh

    1. Hi Jesh, Off the hinges, for sure. One of these days I’ll go there and find the door on the ground. California is lovely in the Springtime. I’m savoring the green hills, sunny days, and cool temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. Perfection. I don’t do well in humid places, so Texas wouldn’t be a good fit for me, though I love visiting there. I used to travel to Texas for work 5-6 times a year. Those were the days…Donna

      1. Hope you were able to travel by plane – It took us 26 hrs. driving! What kind of job did you have?

    1. Yup. I’m sure it is more dilapidated since you were last there. The murals on the street-facing building have faded quite a bit since I took photos of it a few years ago. The wooden roof looks precarious. It would be great if someone restored the site but doesn’t seem likely. I plan to go back to Alviso again, walk the town, and take more photos. The town is a historic gem.

      1. It really is a gem! I featured one the historic homes on my blog for Thursday Doors several years ago.

        It’s my understanding the town is just letting the cannery decay naturally. It would be neat if it were restored and used as a cannery or something neat and the town benefited from it. We can hope!😄

        I hope you’re able to get back there and photograph more of the town.

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