The Most Important Thing to Bring on Your Travels 

Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else. – Will Rogers

What I know for sure, the most important thing to bring on your travels is a good sense of humor.

My friends, no matter what happens, a good sense of humor will help you stay positive should anything go wrong. And chances are something will go wrong. That’s the nature of travel.

Planes get delayed. Car tires go flat. It rains. Your companion is moody. Need I say more?

Keeping a good sense of humor isn’t always easy but is well worth it.

Besides, do you want to be the person throwing a fit at the boarding gate over a flight delay? The gate attendant doesn’t have supernatural powers to part storm clouds or make planes arrive sooner. Even if you don’t create a scene, getting upset is draining and doesn’t solve problems.

While we hope for flawless travels, our best travel stories often come from mishaps we meet along the way. I find this true for me.

So pack your sense of humor, enjoy lots of laughter, and create an abundance of good memories.

Happy travels!

Featured image: (Seth Doyle)