Elafonisos Island, Greece

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. -Jacques Yves Cousteau

For those seeking peaceful days by the sea, the small island of Elafonisos delivers a quiet setting and one of the best white sand beaches in Greece. Located near the southeast tip of the Peloponnese peninsula, the island is only a ten-minute ferry ride from the mainland.

Board a small ferry at the port at Pounta and prepare to see remnants of a road leading to the ancient sunken city of Pavlopetri beneath shallow waters. Enjoy views of Neapolis bay, white sand beaches on the mainland, and the port village of Elafonisos while standing on the outer deck of the boat. Approaching the island, the first thing you will see is a white-washed Geek Orthodox Church sitting on an islet framed by the turquoise sea.

Greece - Elafonisos View to Neapolis

The port village of Elafonisos is walkable with one main seaside promenade. Wander past colorful fishing boats and come across a dozen or so shops, cafes, and tavernas.

Elafonisos Port

Not far from the village, the coastal road to the beach winds through a rocky and hilly terrain covered by dusty foliage and shrubs. Along the way, a cluster of abandoned fishing boats with faded red, blue, and green paint are a familiar landmark.

Near the turnoff to Simos Beach, the landscape opens to a flatland of dry grasses. Partially built homes and finished bungalows line a narrow road leading to a canteen and ample parking lot at the entrance to the beach.

From the canteen, a short trek through a grove of cedar trees leads to the horse-shoe shaped Simos beach. The view of the iridescent sea and the expansive white sand beach is breathtaking.

Simos Beach

Waste no time dropping your bags, kicking off your sandals, and heading to the calm, crystal-clear water. The sand in the sea is silky smooth and free of rocks and seaweed. Under the warm summer sun, it’s easy to spend hours swimming in the peaceful sea.

 καλό ταξίδι – Happy travels!

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