Peloponnese, Greece

Rated Best Destination in Europe by Lonely Planet for 2016.

It’s no surprise that Lonely Planet chose Peloponnese as the top European destination to see in 2016. Visit this lesser-known region of Greece and discover expansive mountain ranges, rugged landscape, vast beaches, charming villages, and ancient sites. Plus, you will find easy access for day trips to several Greek islands from ports located in the northeastern and southeastern regions of the peninsula.

My husband’s mother, Amalia, grew up in a small mountainside village in Laconia, Peloponnese near the seaside town of Neapolis. Just before World War II, Amalia’s family moved to Athens, leaving the close-knit village behind. While she created a good life in Athens, she never forgot her roots. Amalia kept close ties to friends and relatives in Peloponnese by visiting her village and Neapolis every summer.

Continuing the family tradition, we travel to Peloponnese every year to explore the sights and visit friends and relatives. In upcoming posts, I will share stories about our favorite places in Peloponnese. Until then, check out what Lonely Planet has to say about this spectacular region in Greece. Enjoy!

Link to Lonely Planet Guide:

Lonely Planet Peloponnese – PDF

καλό ταξίδι – Happy travels!

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