A stroll through the town of Chora

On a recent hot September afternoon, we strolled the empty streets of Chora, Kythira while the sensible tourists and locals took a siesta. We gladly gave up our nap to have the town to ourselves. Only a cat crossed our path as we walked the narrow lane.


The town of Kythira (Chora) was founded in the 13th century by the Venetians and has a medieval character with many narrow alleyways. It was built in the 16th century with white-washed houses in the Cycladic style. The pristine main thoroughfare is now filled with boutiques, coffee shops, and tavernas.


We stopped at a lovely coffee shop with a hidden lower level overlooking the valley below. My husband drank a cup of coffee and I sampled the local artisan liqueur, Fatourada. It was simply delicious and is made of tsipouro, orange zest, cinnamon, and cloves.

As we made our way through town we came upon narrow stairways with surprising views, either to the valley below or to colorful doors and decorated stoops.



You know you are in Greece when you come upon the classic blue bistro table and painted wood chairs with caned seats.


As we left town, a steady stream of cars came our way. We got out of there just in time to miss the evening dinner crowd.

This post was inspired by Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – September 28, 2016.

4 thoughts on “A stroll through the town of Chora

  1. These still look like paintings—so beautiful! You should have a few framed for your house–think they would look awesome in your living room or up the staircase!

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