The Vibrant Colors of Nafplio

Drive two hours south of Athens and find the charming seaside town of old Nafplio, Peloponnese. Perched on a hillside, this colorful Venetian-influenced town overlooks the Argolic Gulf and island fortress of Bourtzi.

Nafplio Colors 1

Starting at the top of the town, make your way down steep staircases to terraced lanes filled with shops, tavernas, charming old Venetian and neoclassical-style buildings, and hotels painted in vibrant colors.

Nafplio Colors 2LR

At the upper level of the town, it’s hard to miss this striking, restored red house with green shutters.

Nafplio Colors 11LR

At the lower end of town, there are plenty of tavernas to choose from when you are ready to eat. This taverna is decorated with chairs painted in a fun assortment of primary colors.

Nafplio Colors 4LR

Climb up and down steep stone staircases to browse the town and you will get plenty of exercise to earn a tasty gelato.

Nafplio Colors 5LR

Nafplio Colors 6LR

This Gelateria not only has a yummy assortment of gelato but is decorated beautifully with vibrant pink and green chairs and fun artwork.

Nafplio Colors 8LR

Wind down the day and walk the promenade by the sea to view the fortress of Palamidi perched on the mountaintop above the town.

Nafplio Colors 9LR

Inspiration: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colors.

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