The Byzantino Boutique Hotel in Monemvasia

A number of years ago my husband and I spent a night at the Byzantino Boutique Hotel in the fortress of Monemvasia, Greece. Instead of the usual day trip to Monemvasia, we wanted to experience the romantic medieval ambiance of the Byzantino Boutique Hotel and the magic of Monemvasia after dark. We felt transported back in time amidst the charm of the old stone buildings, cobblestone alleyways, antique furnishings, and slow pace of life. Our overnight stay was an unforgettable experience that we plan to repeat on our next trip back to Peloponnese.

View of the giant rock fortress of Monemvasia as we drove to the hotel.
View of the Myrtoan Sea from the fortress of Monemvasia as we made our way on foot to the hotel.
Cafe Byzantino – The breakfast buffet of the Byzantino Boutique Hotel is offered at Cafe Byzantino situated on the main square of the Old Town.
Our suite at the Byzantino Boutique Hotel was beautifully adorned with stone archways, dark wood floors, and antique furniture.
A charming sitting area in our hotel room filled with antique furniture and a well-used stone fireplace.
Small balcony off of our hotel room overlooking the sea.
The rustic stone exterior of our hotel room. The door leads to the hotel room from the balcony.
View looking up the hill from our hotel balcony.

Photo Challenge Theme: Ambience.

For more information about Monemvasia visit my prior posts Medieval Village of Monemvasia and The Doors of Monemvasia in Peloponnese, Greece.

More about the Byzantino Boutique Hotel can be found on their lovely and informative website. Note: I am not affiliated with the hotel.

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