The Doors of the Fishing Village of Avlemonas

Of all the lovely villages on the island of Kythira, Greece, the pristine fishing village of Avlemonas tops the list of my favorite places to go on the island. The village always has a cheerful, upbeat vibe with its whitewashed houses and blue shutters and doors. A crystal-clear blue lagoon at the center of the town provides calm waters to swim and mesmerizing views from the coffee shop and tavernas. For some of the best fresh fish on the island, we head to  “O Sotiris” near the center of Avlemonas. Please enjoy a few photos of the doors and architecture of the classic whitewashed homes and historical stone fortress.

The traditional fishing village of Avlemonas, Kythira is set along a dazzling blue lagoon surrounded by whitewashed houses with the characteristic blue shutters and doors of the Greek islands.



The “Kastelo” – a Venetian fortress which dates to the early 16th century.
A closer look at the door to the “Kastelo.”

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

6 thoughts on “The Doors of the Fishing Village of Avlemonas

  1. I love these. They take me back to the mid-seventies when, as part of an almost year in Europe, I spent some time in Greece. I loved the white homes and blue doors of many of the island homes.


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