Picchetti Winery

Napa Valley, while the most well known, isn’t the only wine growing region in the San Francisco Bay Area. Within a half-hour or less of Silicon Valley, the Santa Cruz Mountains wine region boasts one of the most unique natural environments in the world. The Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Growers Association proclaims that with its mountainous terrain, marine and valley influences, varied micro-climates, and diverse soils the Santa Cruz Mountains offers our vintners the ideal place to grow high quality grapes and to produce some of the world’s most distinct and terroir driven wines.

Picchetti Winery, located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Cupertino, is one of my go-to wineries to bring visitors or to meet friends for wine tasting, a picnic, or a day hike in the Picchetti Ranch Preserve. In addition to a lovely natural setting, the rustic ranch sports an interesting assortment of old weathered doors.

Please enjoy a few photos of this rustic winery and if you are in the area, give this winery a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Inside the tasting room

Mini Door
Tiny door on the Wine Tasting Room building.
Old Homestead House
The old homestead house.
View of Barns 2
View of barns and green space.
Waterloo Engine
Antique Waterloo engine.
Old Barn
Weathered barn on the property.
Old Barn Doors
Well-worn barn doors.
Picchetti Picnic Area_edited
Picnic area.

A Rattlesnake warning sign is NOT something you want to see when visiting a winery and picnic area. Thankfully, I’ve been to Picchetti quite a few times and have never seen nor heard a Rattlesnake. I hope to keep it that way.

Picchetti Winery Sign_2
Beware – Rattlesnakes are especially active in warm weather!

Be sure to check the Picchetti Winery and Picchetti Ranch Preserve websites for more information about this popular wine tasting, picnicking, and hiking destination.

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