Danger! – Beware of Goats in the Road

When traveling through the countryside of Peloponnese, Greece, be prepared to stop for herds of goats crossing the road. We’ve encountered goats near a toll booth on the National Road, on remote mountain roads, in narrow (really narrow) roads of villages, and country roads by the sea. We can’t seem to escape goat encounters when driving in Peloponnese. Though I must say, goat traffic is better than car traffic.

Read about our hair-raising encounter with goats in a tiny village on the island of Kythira here.

Goat near Monemvasia


Goats in the Road Peloponnese


Goat on the edge


Inspiration: Danger.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. reocochran says:

    Oh, that one on the side of the cliff looks like a risky goat (but cute, too!) This was a fun post, Donna.

    1. He’s a cutie. Goats are so playful and fun to watch!

  2. Dymoon says:

    I love goats !

    1. Goats are such lovable and entertaining creatures. I’m very happy when I come across them.

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