Empty Doorways of Greece

If you follow my blog, you have have realized by now that I love to photograph doors and participate with other like-minded souls in a weekly feature called Thursday Doors. This week I’m having a little fun sharing photos of doorways without doors which is not an uncommon sight in the countryside and old villages of Greece.

Inspiration:  Thursday Doors.

16 thoughts on “Empty Doorways of Greece

  1. These are wonderful. The Avlemonas shot has me wanting to take a few steps further just to see what the view is like just beyond the doorway 🙂
    Nicely done.

    1. Hi Norm, Thank you for your nice comment. I just found your message in my spam folder. I don’t know where to find the spam folder in the new WP Admin interface and hadn’t had a chance to look in the old WP Admin Dashboard. I use the new interface for creating my blog posts but find it can’t do everything the old Dashboard offers. Which do you use?

      1. Thx. I do the same. The new format is easy to use for creating posts but for managing media and comments the old format is better. I wonder why WP is picking on you lately and sending your comments to Spam? Not good.

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