The Craggy Coastline of Kythira

Kythira is my favorite kind of Greek island. It’s off the beaten path. It’s rural with plenty of small seaside and countryside villages, and it’s relatively free of tourists.

It’s a place where the ravages of the sun, wind, rain, and sea have created dreamy secluded beaches and at the same time, lonely swathes of barren countryside.

The first time I laid eyes on the island of Kythira, I was struck by endless sight lines of dusty rocks and dry vegetation. I had a surreal feeling that I had landed on another planet. And then, my eyes shifted to expansive views of the Aegean Sea. I no longer noticed or cared about the bland terrain covering the hills and flatlands by the sea.

View to Avelemonas Kythira_edited

A treeless, barren landscape leads to the seaside village of Avlemonas.

Mountainside on Kythira

Sparse vegetation dots the rocky hillside near the church. Anyone know the name of the plant in the photo?

St. George Church Kythira_edited

An eye-catching view of the blue Aegean sea from the white-washed church of St. George of the Mountain. Notice how the brown landscape fades into the background.

View to Shipwreck near Kythira_edited

A grounded shipwreck can be seen from a rocky hillside on the island. Across the bay are the mountains of southeastern Peloponnese, muted by the mist that lingers above the sea.

Kalami Beach Kythira-edited

Carved out of a rocky hillside by natural elements over time is the secluded beach of Kalami.

Inspiration: Elemental.

11 thoughts on “The Craggy Coastline of Kythira

    1. Hi Debi-
      Nice! Where do you stay when visiting Kythira? We stay near Avlemonas. I did hear about the fires on the west part of the island. Friends of ours have summer homes on Kythira, so we’ve been in contact with them. I’m glad to hear the fires are now under control. I’m hoping we will visit Kythira in September.

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