A Little Red Wheelbarrow in Nafplio

An aspect of travel I most enjoy is to discover subtle often missed details that contribute to the unique character of a city or a landscape scene. With a camera in hand, I’m more aware of my surroundings and actively look for ways to capture ordinary scenes in a different way than the usual tourist’s snapshot. Sometimes I’m successful, other times I’m not, but no matter the outcome, I always enjoy those moments.

When in Nafplio, Greece I came across an open stone courtyard where a little red wheelbarrow was transformed into a decorative flower planter and placed in the center of an otherwise empty space. Street scenes like this are out-of-the-ordinary and unexpected. It made my day.

When I later looked at the images, they didn’t do justice to what I saw that day. Fortunately, with a little help from Adobe Lightroom, I was able to bring out the underlying colors in the original images. Of the two edited versions of the images shown below, I prefer the one with higher color intensity. Which one do you prefer?

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

Photo challenge theme: Experimental.

17 thoughts on “A Little Red Wheelbarrow in Nafplio

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    1. notetotraveler

      Thanks so much, Debi. I was very happy with the way the colors came to life in the photo. I’m not sure of the exact location of the courtyard but somewhere along Staikopoulo. My next photo in the camera was of the AVLI shop at Staikopoulo 10. I really should take notes or at least photos of street signs as a point of reference! Snapseed is great for the phone, and I use it on my iPad as well. It’s so easy to use and produces nice results. I find that when traveling, I’m often taking photos at the worst time of day, so these photo editing apps/programs often save the day for my pics.

      1. Debi @ An Evolving Life

        Must look for it when we are next in Nafplio. If you are using an iPhone or iPad for photography, there is a “Places” album in your Photos Albums. This automatically lists your photos by its geographic place and put it on a map. Zoom in far enough and you can see the streets and which photos were taken. It isn’t 100% accurate, but fairly so.

    1. notetotraveler

      Thanks, Sue. You are too funny. Nothing old and sad about liking the softer version of the photo. While I love looking at the vibrant version on my devices, I’d probably hang the softer version on one of my walls.

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