Local Color

Have you ever noticed the signature colors of your local area or other places you’ve seen around the world? For much of my life, I went about my daily routine rather blind to the colors and details of my surroundings. It only seemed when I traveled someplace new that I noticed the vibrancy and character of a city or rural landscape.

Then, several years ago, I developed an interest in photography. I found, with a camera in hand, my eyes began to notice the rich, intricate details of my surroundings. I discovered a new appreciation of familiar places and a deeper awareness when visiting new ones.

When I visit New England, the place I grew up, my eye is caught by the reds of barns, old mill factories, covered bridges, colonial homes, and brick-sided buildings.

New England Reds-

In Northern California, where I live now, my eye is drawn to the vibrant Spanish-influenced colors liberally used in seaside villages, boutique shopping centers, and local town centers.

California Color Splash -2

And, in Greece, where we go every year for vacation, I’ve fallen in love with my favorite color palette, Aegean Sea blues.

Aegean Sea Blues 2

What’s your local color?

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