Street Scenes: Historic Downtown Pleasanton

One of my go-to places to meet friends for lunch is downtown Pleasanton. It’s located about a half-hour north of San Jose when the highway isn’t clogged with work traffic. Main Street is lined with plenty of places to eat, cafés, and boutique shops.

To walk down Main Street in Pleasanton is to take a walk back in time, past historic buildings, some once connected to secret tunnels. The historic downtown area has many examples of architectural styles dating back to the mid-19th century. Within walking distance of each other are buildings in Gothic Revival, Pioneer, Italianate, Commercial Italianate, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne styles. The mix of old and new architecture and doors along with tasteful street decor give Pleasanton an interesting, eclectic vibe.

Today, a selection of doors, historic buildings, and street decor for you to view. I couldn’t resist including a weathered fire hydrant just because I liked the color and patina. Click on a photo to get a larger view.

Doors and Decor

White-washed Brick Façade

A Mix of Historic and Modern Day Architectural Styles

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