Street Scenes: Historic Downtown Pleasanton

One of my go-to places for lunch with friends is Historic Downtown Pleasanton. Mid-19th-century architecture mixed with modern-style businesses give the town a unique, eclectic vibe. A good variety of restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops make this a perfect spot to spend the afternoon.

Today, a selection of doors, historic buildings, and street decor for you to view. I couldn’t resist including a weathered fire hydrant just because I liked the color and patina. Click on any photo to get a larger view.

Doors and Decor

White-washed Brick Façade

A Mix of Historic and Modern Day Architectural Styles

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

14 thoughts on “Street Scenes: Historic Downtown Pleasanton

  1. Oh, I just had to stop by when I saw Pleasanton. I did happen to see the post about Alviso as you suggested earlier. It is more interesting than Pleasanton of course. San Juan Bautista looks interesting too, but I will skip Santana Row – ICK!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Agree with your ranking of these places, though I don’t mind Santana Row during 0ff-peak times. For places nearby, I prefer to go to Los Gatos or Los Altos before Santana Row.

      1. Santa Row is a bit much for us natives. I really dislike the big sign out front because it reminds us of what it was before. (They could not get a permit for such a big sign, so recycled the old one.) When in Los Gatos, get a picture of my planter box in front of Mike’s Bikes on the northwest corner of North Santa Cruz Avenue and Nicholson Avenue.

      2. I hear you about the big sign. Between Santana Row and Valley Fair, that area of Stevens Creek Blvd is a nightmare. I’ll look for your planter box next time I’m in Los Gatos. Thanks for letting me know where to look.

      3. Los Gatos was still suburban and affordable, but less desirable than other areas because it was inhabited by hippies and bikers. Mountain View was less affordable because of location.

    1. The flower boxes add a nice touch to the buildings on Main Street. At High Tech Burrito you can get burritos and bowls where you pick the individual ingredients from their menu. I suppose High Tech because of Silicon Valley and their innovative approach to the burrito. I love places that offer bowls!

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