Axes & Red Doors

No matter how often I visit family and friends in Connecticut, I always find time to visit Collinsville for lunch at LaSalle’s Market & Deli and a stroll around the historic Collins Axe Company. The vibrant, barn red buildings of the former Axe Factory house an antique shop, a variety of artisans, and other small, local businesses. Good food, interesting doors, old, crumbling structures, and an artsy vibe to this small town along the Farmington River draws me back year after year. It’s one of my favorite places to go whenever I’m back East.

On my last trip to Collinsville, I walked around the Axe Factory property in search of interesting doors. The property consists of 25 historic buildings on 19 acres next to the east bank of the Farmington River. Not all buildings were accessible, but of those that were, not only were most of the buildings red, but the vast majority of doors were too. I didn’t find any axes but I did find one blue door in the sea of red – my kind of door.

About the Collins Axe Company:

Founded in the early 1800’s, the Collins Company produced the first ready-to-use axes in the United States. Prior to the founding of the company, consumers either purchased axes imported from Europe or used a local blacksmith. The company produced and sold axes, machetes, and other edge tools to much of the world.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors and Favorite Place.

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