Late Spring at Sandy Wool Lake

It was late spring when we last visited Sandy Wool Lake. A hint of green still covered the quickly browning hills. Water reeds stood tall along the water’s edge, an abundance of waterfowl swam and splashed in the lake, and ducklings followed behind their mommas.

Tucked in amongst the lakeside vegetation were plenty of fishermen hoping to catch trout stocked in the lake from November through May. Some had gotten lucky and caught a few fish, others had not. Fish or no fish, the mood of the fishermen and picnickers was upbeat and hopeful.

Sandy Wool Lake 4

While you can’t tell from the photos, there were plenty of people at the lake that day. The picnic areas and hiking trails around the lake are plentiful giving everyone room to breathe. The feeling that you are one of only a few is what I like best about coming to this park.

Sandy Wool Lake 1

W took a nice long walk around the lake. My husband patiently waited as I took photos along the way. It was to be our last walk of the Spring season at Sandy Wool Lake. It’s now the middle of a hot summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area and not our favorite time of year to hike.

For now, I’ll just enjoy looking back at the images from this lovely spring day. I hope you enjoy them too.