My Fave Blue Doors in Parga

Our recent travels in Greece involved an eleven-day road trip from Athens to the Epirus region of northwestern Greece, down the southwestern coast of Peloponnese, across Messinia to our summer house on the coast of southeastern Peloponnese, and finally back to Athens. When in the Epirus region, we made our home base in the city of Ioannina and took day trips to the coastal town of Parga and to various mountain villages surrounding Ioannina.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite blue doors (and an eye-catching blue staircase) from Parga.

Carte Postale Parga L

A pink arrow on this brilliant blue door points the way to Carte Postale, a cocktail bar where visitors can enjoy their favorite drink overlooking Parga’s marina. Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

Blue Door Parga L2

This salmon-colored house with its lovely rustic blue door needs a little tender-loving-care. Can you find it among the waterfront row of houses and restaurants in the picture below?

Parga L

A striking blue staircase leads up the hill from the waterfront to a narrow street filled with tourist shops. I know, it’s not a door, but I couldn’t resist including it along with my favorite blue doors. After all, blue is the classic color of Greece.

Blue Stairs Parga L

About Parga:

Parga (Πάργα) is a seaside town located in the Epirus region of northwestern Greece. A popular tourist destination, Parga lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa and is about a five-hour drive from Athens. The main attractions in the colorful town of Parga are a historical Venetian castle overlooking the town, a good variety of shops and tavernas, as well as, several beaches.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

23 thoughts on “My Fave Blue Doors in Parga

  1. I think I spotted that weathered blue door in the larger view of houses, and buildings. It looks so charming there! I love the exposed rocks at the top of the blue stairs.

    Do they speak French there? Do you speak Greek?

    1. Yes! The weathered blue door is from one of the waterfront homes. It’s a charming seaside village perched on a hillside. It’s fun to walk the narrow lanes of shops and homes. I doubt many folks speak French, but many Greeks speak English. I understand and can speak the essentials in Greek.

  2. The multi level view reminds me on Cingue Terre. Like all the bright colors the Mediterranean is so known for:) Did you, or someone else show the castle in Parga? It sounds so familiar! Yes, I love blue too!

    1. Hi Junieper, Parga’s colors are definitely the colors of Italy. I don’t know Cingue Terre so checked it out online – what a colorful town. There is a castle in Parga. I may have mentioned in a previous post that Parga sits below the hilltop castle. Cheers!

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