Classic Stone Architecture in Monodendri

A rustic door leads to the courtyard of this lovely stone structure in the mountain village of Monodendri, Greece.

About Monodendri:

Monodendri (Μονοδένδρι) is a village in the Epirus region of mainland Greece. It is located 41 km (25 miles) north of the city of Ioannina and sits at an altitude 1060 meters (3478 feet). The village retains much of its traditional stone-built architecture. The local craftsmen of Epirus used stone and wood for the construction of their houses, many of which are well-maintained to this day. Near the village, the historic monastery of Agia Paraskevi sits on the edge of the Vikos Gorge.

Source: Wikipedia and

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.


24 thoughts on “Classic Stone Architecture in Monodendri

      1. I’m jealous! We defnitely will be back. It’s s nice walk to the Vikos gorge! We had coffee at a cafe near the trail entrance. Next time we’ll make sure to eat some yummy pitas and grilled meats. Which taverna did you try?

      2. There are three in the little plateia near the Rizareio handicraft centre – will blog about it as we are returning this morning to go to the centre. No need to be jealous as I know you will be back. It is a wonderful part of Greece!

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