Door-side Dining in Ioannina

Streetside Dining in Old Town Ioannina L

What’s better than finding a great place to eat? Finding a great place to eat alongside a once elegant, weathered teal-blue door. When in Ioannina, Greece last summer we had the pleasure of dining at the beautifully restored Presveia, a nouveau Greek restaurant in the old section of Ioannina. As in many old sections of cities in Greece, restored often sits next to forgotten.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors.

19 thoughts on “Door-side Dining in Ioannina

  1. The table with the chairs looks very inviting! My mind starts going about the possibilities in color for the door, depending what the owner wants to say, bright, romantic, rustic, etc. Great shot, Donna!

    1. Thanks, Jesh. The restaurant is in a wonderfully restored old home next to the abandoned one. They offer street-side dining as you see here, and a cozy courtyard in the back of the restaurant. Indeed, the forgotten door is all of those things, bright, romantic, and rustic.

      1. Like to see the courtyard sometime (if you have an image of that ) – it makes me want to go back to the Mediterranean – it’s a very addicting area – of course, I see the most romantic views and don’t have to work in the heat, or worry about how to make ends meet!

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