16 thoughts on “Door Knockers of Greece

    1. notetotraveler

      I noticed mostly hands on the old doors in the places we explored. Once in awhile there would be something different like the lion headed knocker. I purchased a small antique hand knocker that I keep as a nice memory of Greece. 😊

    1. notetotraveler

      Thanks, Gordon. Summer is brutal in Greece. We usually go in September when the weather is cooler and there are fewer tourists. My husband is from Greece, so it’s a better time for meeting with friends and family who escape from Athens in the hot summer months. The pics were from a variety of places, Athens, towns/villages in Peloponnese, and the city of Ioannina in Northern Greece. The Hand of Fatima door knocker is fairly common in Greece. Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. Junieper2

    What a great collection, Donna! I wish that people had door knockers in my area, because on the other end of the house I don’t hear hands/fists knocking!

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