Thursday Doors – Neapolis

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, I’m sharing a few well-worn doors from the seaside town of Neapolis in Peloponnese, Greece. We visit family in this friendly, traditional town just about every summer. It’s a place where we dine by the sea, lounge at the beach, and tour the countryside looking for new places to see. Best of all for us, it’s a quiet, unspoiled agricultural valley bordered by the sea where we can relax and enjoy slow-paced living for a short time. Enjoy your day!

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Neapolis

  1. All these doors are beautiful, Donna, the weathered as well as the modern ones:) Miss Mediterranean life in the winter months – I love to have an evening meal and part of the evening outside on the deck!

      1. We have the weather for it in Southern California, but unfortunately in the more Northern mountains it has cooled off too much on the deck in the shade when it’s during the 70-80 weather by evening time. So only in the 90 and above weather we can eat outside. Are you slowly recovering from the renovation?

      2. We have similar weather in the SF Bay Area where it has to be hot during the day to enjoy the patio at night. This summer we had plenty of nights on the patio.
        Our renovation recovery program is a three week vacation in Greece. The stress of the remodel is now a distant memory! 😁

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