Local Color & Doors – San Juan Bautista

Not far from where I live is the colorful historic town of Mission San Juan Bautista. It’s a place filled with Spanish-influenced color and architecture, and stone, wooden, and western false front early California structures. The town is situated in an unspoiled agricultural valley along the San Andreas Fault. When in San Juan Bautista, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time to a slower paced, simpler life. It’s a feeling that draws me back to this charming town time and time again.

On my last visit to San Juan Bautista in September, I came across a variety of colorful  doors to share with you for Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors Feature. The collage in the featured image captures the Spanish-influenced colors of San Juan Bautista. Enjoy!

Teal Mission doors

San Juan Bautista 4 LR


San Juan Bautista 3 LR


Blue doors

San Juan Bautista 1 LR

San Juan Bautista 6b LR


Red doors

San Juan Bautista 2 LR

San Juan Bautista 7 LR

San Juan Bautista 5 LR

Well-worn historic door

San Juan Bautista 6 LR

Oddly placed white door

San Juan Bautista 8 LR

Rusted metal door

San Juan Bautista 9 LR

Have a good day!