Thursday Doors – Nafplio, Greece

While roaming the narrow lanes of Nafplio, I came across this elegant Neoclassical building located across the street from Taverna To Byzantio. Nestled under a series of faded green Palladian doors and windows were cozy tables for two. Accents of vibrant pink bougainvillea and yellow pots filled with small olive and citrus trees offered a lively contrast to the muted tones of the building. This charming town is filled with interesting architecture, colorful homes and doors, many places to eat and shop, and has spectacular views of the sea and upper castle. It’s a place we visit almost every time we visit Greece. Opa!

Nafplio Door 1

Nafplio Door 2

Nafplio Door 3

Nafplio Door 4

Taverna To Byzantio located at Vasileos Alexandrou 15Nafplio 21100, Greece. Photos were taken in September of 2019.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors

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