Port Townsend Doors – Fred Lewis Building

Stroll down Water Street and it feels like you have taken a step back in time. While in Port Townsend for an afternoon last August, I came across the well-worn but gorgeous doors of the historic Fred Lewis Building (1889) located at 628 Water Street. The building has been under repairs for many years.

Front façade – 628 Water Street
The Broken Spoke Bicycle Shop Door – 630 Water Street
Former Tunnel Tavern Door – 628 Water Street
Door Next to the Former Tunnel Tavern

About Port Townsend:

Port Townsend, located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is a 2 ½- to 3-hour drive from Seattle (the shortest time is via the Seattle-Bainbridge car ferry). This Victorian seaport town, founded in 1851, was considered by some a “City of Dreams.” Port Townsend was settled on the heels of the Gold Rush, and there were hopes that it would thrive as the largest port on the west coast. Today, while not a large port, it’s a town with plenty of Victorian architecture and a plethora of art, shops, restaurants, music, and boating festivals.

History of the Fowler-Caines Building (a.k.a. Fred Lewis Building):


For more doors from around the world go to Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities. 

August 2021

15 thoughts on “Port Townsend Doors – Fred Lewis Building

  1. These are wonderful doors, I love the carved panels at the bottom of the doors and in the center dividing strip. The doors themselves are a wonderful design. I hope they’re planning to restore them when the building renovations are complete.

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