Fun Sculpture Exhibit: Filoli Gardens

On a recent visit to Filoli Gardens, I was pleasantly surprised to see an exhibit of fun ceramic, glass, and metal sculptures made by local artists. The sculptures were staged throughout the formal gardens.

Walking along a path near the Visitor & Education Center, I came across a metal sculpture of a funky, crazy-eyed dog. Seeing the dog’s goofy face in the setting of Filoli’s formal gardens was unexpected and gave me a much-needed chuckle.

Filoli Dog Sculpture Adj

In the formal Sunken Garden, a reflecting pool staged with vibrant orange and red glass sculptures reminiscent of flame torches caught my attention. Colorful glass orbs floated alongside lily pads. A fun and lively sculpture display in an otherwise sedate garden.

Filoli Glass Sculpture in Reflection Pool

For folks living in the Bay Area, the Sculpture Exhibit runs until October 16, 2016.  If you get the chance, a visit to Filoli is well-worth the $20.00 adult admission fee.

About Filoli:

Located in the foothills of Woodside, California, Filoli is a grand 20th-century estate featuring a Georgian mansion set in 16 acres of lush, formal gardens. The estate was once owned by one of San Francisco’s richest families. Now open to the public, Filoli is a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

For more information about the House and Garden visit the Filoli website:

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