Village of Kriovrissi

Perched on mountainsides in Laconia, Peloponnese are small villages rarely seen by tourists.

Kriovrisi Village 1

One such place is the tiny village of Kriovrissi.  Carved out of the side of a mountain, Kriovrissi is about as wide as a four-lane road. A few multi-generational families live in the village which has thrived here for over a hundred years.

Kriovrisi Village 2

The homes in the village are situated both above and below the lone, narrow paved road that cuts through the village. Surrounding the village is a steep hillside covered with olive trees, a source of income for some of the remaining residents. A small herd of goats freely roam the narrow road in the town. The friendly goats have no fear and nimbly climb the hills of the mountain.

Kriovrisi Village 3

Whenever we travel the precarious road to Kriovrissi, I hold my breath when we drive around the blind curves next to steep drop-offs. To calm my nerves, I look to the view of the Aegean Sea and exhale.  Our reward for the challenging drive is to visit wonderful friends in the birthplace of my mother-in-law, Amalia.

Kriovrisi Village 4

Update: We revisited Kriovrissi on a cloudy day in September, 2016. Some of the homes had been modernized and repainted since the original photos were taken. The village of approximately 20 close-knit families remains a blend of old stone structures and renovated white stucco homes.

καλό ταξίδι – Happy travels!

Photo Challenge Theme: Rare.

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