Alviso Marina County Park

Whenever I need a breath of fresh salty air and that by-the-sea vibe, I head to Alviso Marina County Park. This small park is located on the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay and is just minutes away from the urban setting of Silicon Valley.

California Alviso View of Marsh

Quirky house-shaped structures frame the entrance and exit to a long boardwalk over the salt marsh. The long boardwalk leads to the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. A few short boardwalks provide observation decks for visitors to view the wildlife habitat and enjoy the expansive views of the bay and surrounding mountains.

If you prefer to hike or bike, the Alviso Slough Trail loops around seven salt ponds. The nine-mile-long Slough Trail follows the periphery of the ponds designated as A9 – A17. On my last visit to the park, I walked along the trail next to ponds A16 and A17. An article in the Mercury News, “Wanderlust: Biking the salt ponds of Alviso” by Lisa M. Krieger, nicely touches on the history of Alviso and future direction of this now managed wetland. The article was published 5 years ago but is still relevant.

Alviso Marina County Park offers trails for biking and hiking, tables for picnicking, and a launch area for boating. With no shade on the trails or in the picnic area, I find it more comfortable to visit the park on cooler days. If you’re a nature enthusiast or simply someone who likes a long walk or bike ride along the Bay, this park is well worth the visit.

For more information about the park visit:   Alviso Park Website

Alviso Marina salt marsh, boat launch, and salt ponds.

Alviso Marina Collage

Photo Challenge Theme: Frame.

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