The Doors of Plaka

The old historical neighborhood of Plaka sits on a hillside under the northeast slope of the Acropolis. Plaka was built around the ruins of the Ancient Agora of Athens in an area continuously inhabited since antiquity. This charming neighborhood is a main tourist attraction in Athens offering views of the Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus, ancient ruins, neoclassical architecture, and plenty of shops, cafes, and tavernas.

We spent an afternoon walking the narrow streets of Plaka. The upper neighborhood is a mix of beautifully restored homes and those left to crumble over time. Elegant doors decorate the restored homes. In contrast, the worn, forgotten doors of the abandoned houses have become canvases for graffiti artists. The mix of elegant, forgotten, and graffitied buildings and doors creates an interesting character for this old neighborhood.

Elegant Doors





Forgotten Doors



Graffitied Doors



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