Melancholy Blues

These rundown doors have a serious case of the melancholy blues. Tagged with graffiti and covered with flyers, I doubt anyone lives or works there anymore. But, despite the grim appearance, life still goes on around this forgotten place which has now become the stage for a street musician in Athens.

No cell phone?

Unlikely! But in case you need an alternative, you can still find a few phone boxes around Athens, Greece.  

Modern Lines – The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is a modern architectural treasure in Athens, Greece designed by Renzo Piano. It was built on an abandoned seafront property in the southern suburbs of Athens. Today the property has been transformed into a hilltop complex that includes an opera house, a new home for the National Library of Greece,…

Street Art in Athens

From stunning murals to personalized tags, prolific street artists in Athens, Greece, have covered nearly every surface with paint. Stroll through Plaka, Monastiraki, and Psiri, and you will find many businesses and abandoned homes covered in graffiti. It’s surreal to see once beautiful, traditional homes plastered with tags. From the looks of the places in…

The Street Art Scene in Athens

To say that the street art scene in Athens has mushroomed is an understatement. All over the city, commercial buildings and homes have become visually cluttered with a blend of beautiful artistic murals, cheeky street art, and ugly graffiti. Imagine busy patterned wallpaper that makes you turn your head away. Don’t get me wrong, I adore…

Fish Therapy

Doctor Fish Foot Therapy & Day Spa in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, Greece.    

Diporto Taverna – Athens

When looking for Diporto Taverna, don’t look up, look down to find this unique basement-level taverna (koutouki in Greek). It’s not easy to find this hidden gem in the center of the busy Dimotiki Agora, the Public Market of Central Athens. The name of the taverna means “two doors.” Neither of the doors has a…

Athens After Dark

My favorite time of day in Athens is after dark. The soft glow of city lights takes the edge off the stark urban landscape. A few photos of nightlife beneath the ancient Acropolis to entice you to venture out after dark when visiting Greece.   Inspiration: Glow.

What Door?

Look closely and you will see a door camouflaged by street art. A plethora of street art and graffiti covers the Psyri neighborhood of Athens.   Inspiration: Thursday Doors.  


I stumbled across this unhinged door in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, Greece. It’s hard to tell if the door was painted with graffiti before or after its demise. Needless to say, the entire place looks like it needs a facelift.

Delightful Detours

With a camera always on hand, I’m ready to capture any scene or moment that speaks to me. It was bright pops of red that led me down the back avenues of Plaka and Nafplio. The photos in the collage below capture the highly visible but often ignored street details that contribute to the unique…

The Shops of Plaka

Each time we visit Athens, we head to Plaka on our last day in the city to stroll the hilly, narrow streets under the Acropolis, and poke around in the souvenir shops. You will find an abundance of trinkets, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, and many kinds of unique treasures on display in a meticulously organized…