The Shops of Plaka

Each time we visit Athens, we head to Plaka on our last day in the city to stroll the hilly, narrow streets under the Acropolis, and poke around in the souvenir shops. You will find an abundance of trinkets, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, and many kinds of unique treasures on display in a meticulously organized fashion along the famous Adrianou Street. Despite the many hands of tourists, everything miraculously stays in order. The utter simplicity of things neatly in their place brings a sense of calm to this busy tourist destination.

Plaka Shops 2

Plaka Shops 4

Plaka Shops 1_edited.jpg

Plaka Shops 11_edited

Plaka Shops 8_edited

Plaka Shops 14_edited

Plaka Shops 6_edited

Photo Challenge Theme: Order.

13 thoughts on “The Shops of Plaka

  1. I’m going to have so much fun poking around your Greece posts! My mom is from Greece, so I have been around the country pretty extensively myself, but there is always something new to discover. Just this quick glimpse of Plaka made me so nostalgic!

    1. Thank you! Please do poke around the Greece posts. It’s great you’ve gotten to travel there and have a connection to the country through your mom. What part of Greece is your mom from? Plaka is a little island in the middle of Athens. I never grow tired of going there. I’ll take a look at your blog as well. Enjoy!

      1. My mom is from a teeny village in the Peloponnese called Vasta. The closest big city is Megalopolis. We love all of Greece! When I was younger, I was sent to a Greek Orthodox camp on the Ionian Sea and got to see so much of the country through our trips.

      2. I’ve been to the Megalopolis side of Peloponnese once. Nice area. My husband is from Athens. His mother was from the other side of Peloponnese near the seaside town of Neapolis. We go there every year. It’s wonderful to be in the country away from the tourist areas. Great that you went to camp in Greece – what an experience!

  2. Great pictures! I’ve been to the Plaka. I may have been to that sandal store. I enjoyed browsing through the Plaka.

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